The Institute was established in 1997 to promote research in Islamic law and in the laws prevailing in Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan. This site has been set up as a store-house from where documents in these areas of research may be freely downloaded. Most of the material is based on public documents like statutes and judgements. In the area of Islamic law, however, the bulk of the material is written by individuals and is subject to copyright restrictions. These restrictions are detailed in the OpenContent License, with some additional though temporary restrictions (see license). Nothing placed on this site constitutes advice in any form, legal or other. To see the objectives for which the Institute was established, click on the heading above.

The texts made available in this infobase include the material to be published under the two series announced below. Short monographs on specific topics written by authors participating in the series will be placed on this site after they have been published or even before publication for regular sale. Likewise, translations of Islamic classical legal texts will be made available for free downloading. In addition to this, books written on different areas of Islamic law will be placed on this site, but the availability of such books depends upon the authors of the books and their publishers. Some books published by this Institute have been made available. Most of the material available in this infobase is subject to copyright restrictions stated on this site, except for judgements of courts pertaining to Islamic law.

    The students of Islamic law may treat this infobase and the one that follows as a flexible syllabus for studying Islamic law and Islamic banking. In fact, the main idea behind this site is to develop the material on this site keeping the needs of the viewers in sight, especially the needs of the students of Islamic law.

This infobase is mostly concerned with issues of riba and bank interest. In addition to this information about
the contracts being implemented by Islamic banks will also be made available. The full judgement of the Supreme
Court of Pakistan on riba has been included in this infobase. This infobase will be supported by the Islamic Law Monograph Series mentioned below.

This is a huge, complex and ambitious project. The idea is to place all the statutes of Pakistan on the site for
free downloading. The success of this project depends on the support given to the Institute to implement the
project. The processing of statutes will be followed by the judgements of the higher courts, at least the judgements
that are considered more important. A major difficulty in this area is to constantly update the rapidly changing
law. Yet, the Institute has decided to go ahead with the project even if it develops very slowly.

The Institute has launched two series in the area of Islamic law. Those who wish to contribute to these series may follow the link from the heading to see the detailed topics on which work may be undertaken. The topics have been listed by way of suggestion and the author may choose a topic of his or her choice within the framework of the series. If a contribution made by an author is selected for publication by the Institute, it will be subject to all the conditions applicable to copyrighted material placed on this site. The two series are as follows:

Most of the files made available on this site are in PDF (Portable Document Format). The larger files have
been compressed further and are provided in Zip format. Unzipping the files will yield the larger PDF file.
This means that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing the files. It can be downloaded free.
The best way to download the files is to click the right mouse on the file or its link and then say: <save target as>.
Each PDF file will open in the Acrobat Reader with a password. The password is: "nyazee". Due to
some internal constraints, this has been deemed necessary for the time being. The restriction may be removed
in the near future. An index to each infobase will be provided later. The index will show the files available on the
site for downloading and also those that are being processed. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on
your computer, click here for a sample of the form in which the documents are provided.

All copyrighted material is placed on the site with the express permission of the author and the publisher when such material has not been published by the Institute. Such material is provided subject to a few restrictions governing electronic material. To see the details of the (licence) license, click here. The license has not been included in each document, but is an essential part of each document. This restriction does not apply to public documents like statutes and judgements.

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